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Magnetic Anti Snore Stop Snoring Nose Clip Sleeping Aid Apnea Night Device

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Non-toxic and tasteless, to breathe better. The magnets inside the nose clip help open the nasal passage which helps prevent snoring! When you sleep the mouth and throat muscles relax. Sometimes the tongue drops and the vibration of the uvula during the breathing cycle translates to snoring.

The magnet in the clip gently opens the nostrils to increase airflow which helps to prevent snoring. Works using the Ancient Chinese Medicine of Magnetic Therapy.

Using gentle pressure and magnetic therapy the Magnetic Stop Snoring device helps open nasal passages taking the pressure off parts of the throat that vibrate and cause snoring. An improvement over Snore Strips the Magnetic Anti Snore Nose Clip requires no painful peeling off and has built-in therapeutic magnets.

First choice alternative by NHS doctors before recommending (UPPP) surgery.

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Magnetic Anti Snore Stop Snoring Nose Clip Sleeping Aid Apnea Night Device

Non-Toxic And Tasteless, To Breathe Better

Great Gift For A Friend Who Snores With A Beautiful Mirror Lid Protection Case.

A Simple And Easy Way To Prevent Snore To Enjoy Endless Nights Of Peaceful Sleep.

Easy to use, no surgery, no mask

Comes with protective case, with mirror lid, you can use it for traveling

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